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Steve Parker

I believe in the power of the Good News of Jesus Christ to change lives. My Journey with Jesus has taken me from the waters of baptism in Savannah, Georgia, to Atlanta Christian College, and to ministries in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, South Carolina and Georgia.

His love has been multiplied in my life by my wife of 34 years, our children, our grandchildren and all the brothers and sisters in Christ we have known.

Through every valley and mountain top experience I’ve learned that God can and will use a surrendered life to show His love to the world.

1 Corinthians 2:1-5 NLT


Worship Leader/Elder

Mark Thacker
He is the worship leader at Athens Christian Church.  He has a Doctorate in Music Theory and Composition. He can play most instruments but mainly plays guitar and flute during times of worship. He was recently ordained as an Elder.
He is married to Tiena Thacker and has thee sons and a daughter. 
He is also a photographer and loves doing creative, artsy things.


Children & Youth Minister, Family Ministry

Tiena Thacker
When the activities at our church run smoothly, it’s because of Tiena. Handling a huge number of responsibilities and tasks, Tiena is one of our most prominent team members.
She has Degrees in Elementary Education, and Early Childhood Education . She loves working with children of all ages. She has a heart for sharing God's message of redemption.
She is married to Mark Thacker and mother to four wonderful children. 
She is also a great baker of sweets and breads. She loves to share the Love of Jesus through the things she bakes.

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